This episode discusses suicide and death and deals with loss in a humorous way. If you’re not in an emotionally stable place to listen, please do not.

Recorded three days after his death, there's no music and no guest. Just two people eating a lot of Hi-Chews and trying very hard to find a reason to laugh. 

Read Helen Rosner’s essay about Bourdain (The New Yorker).

How to get help: In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. The International Association for Suicide Prevention and Befrienders Worldwide also provide contact information for crisis centers around the world.

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Topics:  Deadlines. Bitcoin. James Beard Awards. BMs. Chef cosplay. Sexy aprons. Brunch. Things in your beard. IACP. WaPo Food. Voraciously. Snacks. Jelly beans. Ginger. Lotsa likes. And Unfuck My Life, Anthony Bourdain.

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Topics: Jesus Christ, Superstar. Easter candy. Orson Welles's mistaken film career. The NYT Food section. Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy. And Unfuck My Life,  Anthony Bourdain.

Topics: Blintzes. Mustard. Dairy Queen Blizzards. Friendships. Matthew McConaughey. A double order of shrimp. And Unfuck My Life, Anthony Bourdain.

Hosts: Laurie Woolever and Chris Thornton

Guests: Anthony Bourdain, our executive producer, and Helen Rosner, food correspondent for The New Yorker.

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Our executive producer (and Laurie's boss) Anthony Bourdain stops by so Chris can demand an apology for getting attacked by monkeys. 

Later, Jen Agg talks about owning The Black Hoof, Grey Gardens, Rhum Corner, and Cocktail Bar in Toronto and Agrikol in Montreal, and her book, I Hear She's a Real Bitch, along with dick pics, vegan buttholes and ketchup chips.

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Alt-flavored candy corn is mostly a terrible idea. Bringing a bowl of candy to a funeral might not be. Happy Halloween; please enjoy this preview from Carbface (for Radio), your new favorite podcast that you've never heard but we can't shut up about.

Laurie wanted to study English in college but shifted to what she then thought was a more practical choice. Now she's a writer. In our conversation Laurie shared how she built a career around her ability to communicate and her love of food. She also came up at a time when publishers were rapidly experiencing the effects of technology so she had an interesting perspective on how the industry has changed.

For the food writer, which is better? Is print still prestigious? Has digital media commoditized and devalued content? On this episode, in-studio guests Laurie Woolever and Melissa Clark discuss the SOTU for journalists and cookbook authors.

Laurie Woolever is a freelance writer and editor, and works for Anthony Bourdain under the catch-all title of ‘gatekeeper.’ She joins Radio Cherry Bombe to talk about Appetites, the cookbook she’s co-authored with Anthony Bourdain.